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Cover for Friendship Vänskap: - What is Friendship?
Isbn: 978-91-8057-041-1
Publisher: Books on Demand
Children's books
Accessible since: May 2022


Friendship Vänskap: - What is Friendship?

This children's book moves to a world where the very beginning of our planet was born. It feels like a classic, but the book makes one think in several ways. When we humans are faced with moral and ethical problems in various events in our lives, we travel towards new dimensions. We humans sit with a big grin on our faces on the side where the little bear Mischa sits in the landscape of the berry-picking country, which then meets the eagle Sam, who is full of capital-strong forces. We accept everything and revel in the good, but do not think that friendship has a price. When Mischa and Sam get to know each other, do they not discover the very core of the community, or do they? Here, too, we get the chance to continue talking about what conflict is and the consequences of what a conflict can mean. Each page is like a painting in itself where our faces meet the mirror image of ourselves. Therefore, some pages are blank, so you can add yourself or create another illustration together with the author. Highly recommend this book for a good friendship in between fantasy and in reality. Friedrich 10 years: The book is about war and peace. How conflicts can be a path to improvement. I do not like Mischa and but Sam is nice and good. I think Mischa is stupid to all the 2000 people in the book. When the eagle shows the way that is best to be instead. But read the book yourself and understand what real friendship means.

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