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Audiobooks / Romance

Cover for Absolute Lovers - Rakkautta edistyneille

Absolute Lovers - Rakkautta edistyneille

Miljoonat lukijat ja kuuntelijat hurmannut kiihkeä rakkaustarina jatkuuProfessori Stephen Worthington on saanut kattavan koulutuksen oppilaaltaan neiti Julia Wildelta. Mutta se mik ...

Cover for Absolute Beginners - Rakkauden oppitunnit

Absolute Beginners - Rakkauden oppitunnit

“Tämä kevyt humoristinen romanssi on balsamia sielullesi.” – GoodreadsProfessori Stephen Worthingtonin elämässä kaikki on juuri niin kuin pitää: Hän opettaa kirjallisuutta yliopist ...

Cover for The Ice People 33 - Demon of the Night

The Ice People 33 - Demon of the Night

His name was Tamlin, and Tengel the Evil had sent him to spy on the Ice People. He would visit them in their nightmares, tricking their plans for the future out of them. But Tamlin ...

Cover for The Ice People 32 - Hunger

The Ice People 32 - Hunger

Marit of Svelten had always been lonely, and now she was close to death. To give her some happiness in her last hours, her hero Christoffer Volden declared his love for her and pro ...

Cover for The Ice People 31 - The Ferryman

The Ice People 31 - The Ferryman

Benedikte Lind was one of the chosen of the Ice People. Together with the student Sander Brink and a handful of others, she was to solve a dangerous riddle that involved both a hau ...

Cover for The Ice People 30 - The Brothers

The Ice People 30 - The Brothers

The twins, Marco and Ulvar, were like chalk and cheese. Marco was as handsome as a god, while Ulvar was more grotesque than the worst monster imaginable. The Ice People knew that e ...

Cover for The Ice People 29 - Lucifer's Love

The Ice People 29 - Lucifer's Love

Saga Simon was a chosen member of the Ice People. When she was told that the Norwegian branch of the family needed her assistance, she left immediately on the arduous journey to Gr ...

Cover for The Ice People 28 - Ice and Fire

The Ice People 28 - Ice and Fire

Belinda was the black sheep of the family, a naive and clumsy girl who had always stood in the shadow of her beautiful and talented older sister, Signe. But the feelings that burne ...

Cover for The Ice People 27 - The Scandal

The Ice People 27 - The Scandal

Young Christer Tomasson was convinced that he was one of the stricken of the Ice People when he met the weak and submissive Magdalena at a sanatorium. He believed that he would be ...

Cover for The Ice People 26 - The Secret

The Ice People 26 - The Secret

As a child, Eskil Lind had heard about the house in Eldafjord and the incredible treasure that was said to be hidden there. He had dreamed of that treasure ever since, and when he ...

Cover for The Ice People 25 - The Angel

The Ice People 25 - The Angel

From an early age, Tula Backe realized that she was different from everyone else: she was one of the Ice People’s stricken. She did not use her extraordinary gifts solely for good ...

Cover for Emma (Premium)

Emma (Premium)

Rediscover Emma in this new, lively audio edition, narrated by acclaimed West End actress Kathryn Drysdale Looking to delve a little deeper into the treasure trove of Jane Austen's ...

Cover for Love Holds the Cards

Love Holds the Cards

Accustomed to spending fortunes on fast women and high living, Lord Wynchingham is horrified to lose a fortune in a card game and then finds that he is almost bankrupt. So when Tin ...

Cover for Älä leiki lemmellä

Älä leiki lemmellä

Ystävykset Heli ja Marja päättävät nauttia kesästä täysin rinnoin pitkän ja pimeän talven jälkeen. Mukaan kesäretkelle tulee myös Kirsti-täti, vaikka kaksikko ei oikein pidäkään tä ...

Cover for Ne rakkaat miehet

Ne rakkaat miehet

Leilan isä vastustelee, kun tytär päättää lähteä kesälomallaan sieniohjaajakoulutukseen. Isä ei pidä siitäkään, kun Leila rakastuu paikkakunnalla vierailevaan pientilalliseen, Jask ...

Cover for Rose and Wicked

Rose and Wicked

Rose Wickes-Barnes has a plan to establish herself as an independent woman of good standing.Move away from Gold Sky. Join one of New York City’s most prestigious theater companies. ...

Cover for Kumpi vei sydämeni

Kumpi vei sydämeni

Onko kenestä tahansa vaeltamaan ja selviämään Pohjolan luonnon armoilla? Ystävykset Kaija, Heikki, Valma ja Paavo päättävät lähteä Kuusamoon patikoimaan. Tavoitteena on kävellä kah ...

Cover for Sanditon and Other Stories

Sanditon and Other Stories

In a new audio adaptation of some of Austen’s lesser known works, Avita Jay brings to life the wit and satire of one of England’s greatest authors. In Austen’s final and unfinished ...

Cover for The Harpy and the Dragon

The Harpy and the Dragon

When feisty chambermaid, Annora, is imprisoned in a dungeon for striking her noble lord and master, she wastes no time in formulating a plan to escape. Unfortunately, that plan inv ...

Cover for The Lily Garden

The Lily Garden

She held the letter that she had found in the garden, and noticed the distinctive curls of her father’s handwriting etched on the worn paper. Her life had already been turned upsid ...

Cover for The Mill on Magnolia Lane

The Mill on Magnolia Lane

The sky is cornflower blue, the air is scented with the smell of fresh apple blossom and Lizzie Lovell can’t wait to start her new life in the mill on Magnolia Lane. But is she ju ...

Cover for The Kiss of the Devil

The Kiss of the Devil

Smart, sassy and cynical about men, 21-year-old Syke Standish wants neither a husband nor a life of boring domesticity. She wants freedom, adventure... danger. And in the rugged la ...

Cover for The Impetuous Duchess

The Impetuous Duchess

After running away from an arranged marriage, dressed as a little old lady, red-haired beauty Jabina finds herself being inadvertently rescued by Drue, the Duke of Warminster. When ...

Cover for The Audacious Adventuress

The Audacious Adventuress

Unfairly dismissed from her role as a governess after her lecherous employer forces himself upon her, Druscilla Morley is determined to keep her head down. Dressing drably to hide ...

Cover for The Chieftain Without a Heart

The Chieftain Without a Heart

London Socialite and friend of King George IV, the Duke of Strathnarn enjoys his London life and is reluctant and resentful when he inherits from his hated father the title and res ...