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Cover for A bouquet of horror: 12 short stories

A bouquet of horror: 12 short stories

Hi there, friend! Maybe you have a moment? Maybe you are sitting in a terminal somewhere in the world waiting to board? Maybe you just have a moment to yourself, without stress, wi ...

Cover for Parempi elämä

Parempi elämä

Päiväkoti valmistautuu juhlaan ja lapset viedään lähimetsään poimimaan valkovuokkoja. On kaunis alkukesän päivä, idylli on täydellinen. Lastenhoitaja kääntää katseensa hetkeksi, ja ...

Cover for Sovelias kosto

Sovelias kosto

Thomas Lynley, Ashertonin kahdeksas jaarli, ja nuori Deborah aikovat avioitua. Läheiset sukulaiset ja ystävät kokoontuvat viettämään kihlajaisviikonloppua Lynleyn sukutilalle Howen ...

Cover for Face Cards

Face Cards

In Connecticut, Clearman Court has been renovated by its current owner, Stephen Clearman. An unusual character, Stephen has a penchant for wearing strange masks which he believes w ...

Cover for Faulkner's Folly

Faulkner's Folly

‘Faulkner’s Folly’ is the second book in the ‘Alan Ford’ series of detective novels by prolific author Carolyn Wells. In Long Island, artist Eric Stannard is found stabbed to death ...

Cover for In The Onyx Lobby

In The Onyx Lobby

In the Campanile Apartment building in the heart of Manhattan, wealthy resident Sir Herbert Binney has been found dead in the lobby. The only clue to the crime is a mysterious scra ...

Cover for More Lives Than One

More Lives Than One

First published in 1923 ‘More Lives Than One’ by author Carolyn Wells is the first in the ‘Lorimer Lane’ detective series. In a bohemian part of 1920s New York, a woman is murdered ...

Cover for The Bride Of A Moment

The Bride Of A Moment

First published in 1916 ‘The Bride of a Moment’ is the first of two works by author Carolyn Wells which follow the exploits of gentleman detective Alan Ford. In the town of Bascomb ...

Cover for Emily Fox-Seton

Emily Fox-Seton

Emily Fox-Seton is a well-bred but penniless lady who works for the selfish Lady Maria Bayne. At 34, she knows she is unlikely to marry, and her prospects are bleak. Despite that, ...

Cover for The Box with Broken Seals

The Box with Broken Seals

‘The Box with Broken Seals’ is a rip-roaring thriller from popular author E. Phillips Oppenheim. A tale of international espionage, we follow criminal Jocelyn Thew as he escapes ca ...

Cover for A Daughter of Astrea

A Daughter of Astrea

First published in 1898, ‘A Daughter of Astrea’ by Edwardian author E. Phillips Oppenheim is a story told by an anonymous artistic narrator. He has travelled to a foreign land with ...

Cover for The Double Four

The Double Four

First published in 1912, ‘The Double Four’ by E. Phillips Oppenheim follows the story of former criminal turned country squire Peter Ruff as he is drawn back into the criminal unde ...

Cover for A Millionaire of Yesterday

A Millionaire of Yesterday

Eager to make his fortune in the gold mines of Africa, young Scarlett Trent must grapple with his own sense of wrong and right, balancing the challenges which face him with his des ...

Cover for Peter Ruff

Peter Ruff

Accompanied by his trusty and beautiful companion Violet Brown, Peter Ruff decides to turn his back on his former life of crime and become a private investigator. With his establis ...

Cover for Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat

Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat

Originally published as a series of short stories in ‘Hearst’ magazine, ‘Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat’ follows the story of young Ambrose Lavendale, who enters the secret service in ...

Cover for The Lesser Sin

The Lesser Sin

Originally published in 1924, E. Phillip Oppenheim’s ‘The Lesser Sin’ is a captivating tale of love and deception. A young lady of sophisticated tastes but limited means, young Phi ...

Cover for The Mischief-Maker

The Mischief-Maker

British politician Sir Julien Portel finds himself framed in a scandal by the jealous and ambitious Mabel Carraby, who is intent on pushing him out of his role in order that her hu ...

Cover for Stolen Idols

Stolen Idols

Son of a debt-ridden aristocratic family, Gregory Ballaston, resorts to desperate means while travelling through China. Will his rash decision result in the corruption of all manki ...

Cover for Kuolema odotuslistalla

Kuolema odotuslistalla

Triesten liepeillä sijaitsee kauneusklinikka, jossa annetaan harmittomalta vaikuttavia mutta kalliita hoitoja, ja jopa komisario Proteo Laurentin vaimo Laura on kiinnostunut klinik ...

Cover for Mexikoring


Saksan paras dekkari vuonna 2019!”Meksiko”, hän sanoi yhtäkkiä, ”lähdetään Meksikoon. Sieltä meitä ei löydä kukaan, ja siellä puhaltaa aina lämmin tuuli.”Joku sytyttää Hampurissa a ...

Cover for Timantti ja ruoste

Timantti ja ruoste

Vanhan tavaran kauppaa pyörittävä yksityisetsivä Valo Kurki viettää kesää idyllisessä Silverforsin ruukkikylässä, kun hän törmää kiehtovaan arvoitukseen. Mitä pikkupaikkakunnan kul ...

Cover for Othello


Beginning in the streets of Venice, Roderigo and Iago are introduced in the heart of an argument.Iago is frantic as he has been disregarded for promotion and plots to take revenge ...

Cover for The Peer and the Woman

The Peer and the Woman

First published in 1895, ‘The Peer and the Woman’ is one of author E. Phillips Oppenheim’s earlier novels. A classic story of revenge, it follows the fortunes of the Alceston famil ...

Cover for The Pawns Count

The Pawns Count

Set during the height of WWI, ‘The Pawns Count’ by E. Phillips Oppenheim is a classic story of international intrigue and espionage. Chemist Sandy Graham has discovered a new type ...

Cover for The New Tenant

The New Tenant

The solitary and mysterious Mr. Brown has rented a small cottage on the grounds of Thaller Court. When Sir Geoffrey Kyneston is found murdered close to the cottage, Mr Brown is the ...