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Cover for Pink and White Tyranny; A Society Novel

Pink and White Tyranny; A Society Novel

What makes a villain a villain? If you find a questionable main character intriguing, this social satire is perfect for you.The atypical character Lillie is a spoiled and self-abso ...

Cover for The Portrait of a Lady

The Portrait of a Lady

Isabel Archer, a beautiful and adventurous young American woman, has been brought to Europe by her Aunt, Mrs Touchett, hoping to find a future husband for her niece. When Isabel tu ...

Cover for The Venturers

The Venturers

Foster is bored of New York City. It seems impossible, but it's true. He has been forced to turn to his own imaginary world to escape the monotony. Until he meets Ives. Eccentric, ...

Cover for The Pride of the Cities

The Pride of the Cities

A man moves from Nevada to New York, tired of his old life and hungry for change. He immediately meets a man completely enamored by Nevada's charm. They enter into a heated debate ...

Cover for Compliments of the Season

Compliments of the Season

Fuzzy the homeless drunkard is infamous. What most people aren't aware of though, is his kind heart. When he finds a tattered rag doll lying in the snow, he realises that it belong ...

Cover for The Robe of Peace

The Robe of Peace

Johnny Bellchambers is one of the wealthiest men in New York. His outlandish style is famous across all of America. But one day he disappears without a trace. A kidnapping? Alien a ...

Cover for The Marionettes

The Marionettes

Dr. James is respectable, dependable, and kind. Mr. Chandler is vulgar, violent, and rude. A chance encounter between the two sets a series of events in motion that are bound to ch ...

Cover for The Unknown Quantity

The Unknown Quantity

Receiving large sums of money is never without its challenges and Dan's situation is no exception. When he inherits an impossible amount of money from his father, he is over the mo ...

Cover for The Gold That Glittered

The Gold That Glittered

General Falcon casts his ship's anchor at Pier No. 55, close to the Spanish-Amerian colony in Columbia. He disembarks and heads towards a shady hotel with the intention of engaging ...

Cover for The Californians

The Californians

First published in 1898, ‘The Californians’ depicts life in California at the turn of the century. As California undergoes a period of rapid change and diversification, so too do t ...

Cover for Ward No. 6

Ward No. 6

A haunting tale, Russian author Anton Chekhov’s ‘Ward No.6’ tells the story of Ragin, the head doctor in a provincial town’s mental institution. Frustrated by his banal surrounding ...

Cover for Suloisimmat hetket

Suloisimmat hetket

Hurmaava tarina äidinrakkaudesta ja naisista elämän taitekohdissa.Kun kuopus muuttaa pois kotoa, Élise tuntee itsensä merkityksettömäksi. Lapset vastaavat viesteihin viiveellä, ja ...

Cover for Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress

Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress

Daniel Defoe’s last novel, ‘Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress’ is a biographical account of a woman’s fight for survival. Having recently become penniless, Roxana is forced to resort ...

Cover for In the Court

In the Court

Nikolay Kharlamov has been accused of murdering his wife. ‘In the Court’ follows his trial, describing everything in almost molecular detail. Chekhov’s storytelling paints an uncom ...

Cover for Transformation of Martin Burney

Transformation of Martin Burney

Dennis Corrigan is a slavedriver. He exploits his workers, pays them inhumanly low wages, and essentially makes their lives hell. Like many of his workers, Martin suffers from an a ...

Cover for Karkkia ja kepposia

Karkkia ja kepposia

Vuoden jännittävin juhlapyhä on käsillä… Göteborgilaiset ystävykset Jenny, Sofia ja Jessika tapaavat yhä harvemmin suosikkiravintolassaan Dorsiassa. Ehkä syynä on se, että Sofia tu ...

Cover for The Pickwick Papers

The Pickwick Papers

When you hear Charles Dickens you most likely think ‘please sir, can I have some more?’ or imagine Mr Scrooge (or Scrooge Mcduck if you’re feeling 90’s nostalgic) snapping at Tiny ...

Cover for Sorrow


Well, you brought this on yourself. Not only were you browsing the Russian classics section – literature with a reputation so dour and depressing that it has reached meme status, b ...

Cover for Mother


Perhaps Gorky’s only openly revolutionary novel, ‘Mother’ follows the toils of Pelageya as she struggles amidst hunger, squalor, and sorrow. This all changes when her sun begins to ...

Cover for Toinen jalka esteessä

Toinen jalka esteessä

Mikä yhdistää golfin harrastajia? Eriskummalliset kokemukset, ikimuistoiset kohtaamiset ja eriasteinen kilpailunhimo. Toinen jalka esteessä (2011) tarkastelee golfia henkilökohtais ...

Cover for Niilisalon perheen monet mutkat

Niilisalon perheen monet mutkat

Niilisalon Niilon isältä peritty pieni kotitila, sijaitsee syrjäisellä Linkovaaran kylällä. Niilon vaimo Alma saa ensimmäisen lapsen, joka syntyy heikkona pienenä keskosena. Tästä ...

Cover for Det lilla biblioteket på Söder

Det lilla biblioteket på Söder

Katrin tror knappt sina ögon när hon öppnar brevet med nedläggningsbeslutet för biblioteket. Hur ska hon våga berätta det här för kollegan Astrid, som lever för sitt jobb som bibli ...

Cover for Jane Austenin talo

Jane Austenin talo

Toiveromaani kaikille Jane Austen -faneilleToisen maailmansodan jälkeen pienessä englantilaiskylässä Chawtonissa epätavallinen joukko ihmisiä lyöttäytyy yhteen pelastaakseen Jane A ...

Cover for Talo pellon laidalla

Talo pellon laidalla

Maija-Liisa on kuusikymppinen nainen, joka on tehnyt uransa radio- ja tv-alalla. Ikänsä puolesta hän voisi jäädä täysin eläkkeelle, mutta se ei freelancerina työskennellyttä Maija- ...

Cover for Meren vaahto

Meren vaahto

Kun viisi nuorta naista lähtee lomamatkalle Kyproksen Agia Napaan, odotukset ovat korkealla. Osa tytöistä ilmoittaa reteästi testaavansa Agia Napan komeimpien miesten kyvyt. Osa ai ...