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Cover for Haapaniemen keinu

Haapaniemen keinu

Haapaniemen talo aiheuttaa muissa kyläläisissä outoja tunteita. Talon äiti on kuollut, ja pojat ovat juorujen mukaan viinaan meneviä. Isäntää puolestaan pidetään pahana. Tytär Aina ...

Cover for Aili


Kun Eero-niminen nuorimies saapuu Helsingistä maaseudulle Kaarilaan, nuoren Aili-neidon elämä menee sekaisin. Yhdessä Eeron kanssa he tekevät jännittäviä matkoja luonnon helmaan ja ...

Cover for Tähtien alla

Tähtien alla

Nuori Hilja-neiti odottaa malttamattomasti kihlatultaan Armakselta tulevia kirjeitä. Armas on Pariisissa, ja vaikka Hilja onkin onnellinen kihlattunsa puolesta, hän tunnistaa itses ...

Cover for Juha Joutsia

Juha Joutsia

Rason perhe koki suuren menetyksen, kun äiti nukkui pois Juha-kuopuksen ollessa vain kolmevuotias. Juha sai kuitenkin paljon rakkautta ja huolenpitoa osakseen – onhan hänellä monta ...

Cover for Louhilinna


Nuori Kaarina-tyttö on tottunut elämään mahtavassa Louhilinnassa isänsä kanssa. Vanha rakennus ja sitä ympäröivä luonto ovat Kaarinalle kaikki kaikessa – kun hän halaa pihan puita, ...

Cover for Valkea huvila

Valkea huvila

Kun pienellä maaseutuasemalla tapahtuu junaonnettomuus, monelle käy huonosti. Uhreihin lukeutuvat myös 16-vuotias Saima ja hänen äitinsä. Äiti menehtyy, ja Saima häilyy kuoleman ja ...

Cover for Lääkärin kohtalo eli Sairaalan n:o 6

Lääkärin kohtalo eli Sairaalan n:o 6

Venäläinen Andrei Jefimitsh Ragin työskentelee mielisairaalan ylilääkärinä mutta ikävystyy, sillä kaipaa älyllistä seuraa. Yllättäen sairaalan huone numero kuusi vastaa hänen toive ...

Cover for Jo's Boys

Jo's Boys

Saoirse Ronan’s Jo is an instant cult classic after her portrayal in the Academy award winning ‘Little Women’. I mean, who isn’t in love with everything Greta Gerwig touches? Well, ...

Cover for Jimmy's Cruise in the Pinafore

Jimmy's Cruise in the Pinafore

‘Jimmy's Cruise in the Pinafore’ is another short story from famed American author Louisa May Alcott, that follows the young, kind hearted Jimmy through his difficult adolescence. ...

Cover for Dick Sands, the Boy Captain

Dick Sands, the Boy Captain

Could you be Captain of a whaling ship if all the crew around you died in a tragedy? Would you even want to? And what would you do if the cook on board has plans of his own and wan ...

Cover for An Antarctic Mystery

An Antarctic Mystery

‘An Antarctic Mystery’ is a follow up to Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym’, attempting to explain what might have happened to the main characters after the nov ...

Cover for A Nightmare

A Nightmare

'A Nightmare' is a short story by Anton Chekhov about two men, one a penniless priest and the other a wealthy aristocrat. The now desperate priest is too proud to ask for assistanc ...

Cover for Terror


What are you most afraid of? Spiders, ghosts or perhaps the Slender Man? But have you ever been afraid of life itself? 'Terror' tells the story of just that: a man who is afraid of ...

Cover for Happiness


In Anton Chekhov's short story 'Happiness' from 1887, a horseman approaches two shepherds just before dawn on a summer's night. He tells them the story of a wicked old man without ...

Cover for A Mystery

A Mystery

The narrative focuses on the extraordinary predicament of the Civil Councillor Navagin. For the past thirteen years he has striven in vain to uncover the undisclosed identity of a ...

Cover for Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

‘Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon’ follows Joam Garral a Brazilian ranch owner living on the Peruvian border. When his daughter wants to return to their old city of Belem for he ...

Cover for Facino Cane 

Facino Cane 

The novella unfolds around a blind old man, Facino Cane who claims to be a descendant of the 14th century condottiere of the same name. The narrator meets Facino Cane at a wedding, ...

Cover for A Daughter of Eve 

A Daughter of Eve 

Countess Marie de Vandenesse, bored out of her mind in a marriage to a good man, decides to adopt an up-and-coming young playwright, Raoul Nathan, as her lover. Mistakenly believin ...

Cover for Dodo: A Detail of the Day

Dodo: A Detail of the Day

The narrative follows the stylishly controversial Dodo, a young woman from the British upper-middle-class. She is very confident she is about to make a most advantageous match whic ...

Cover for Dodo Wonders

Dodo Wonders

'Dodo Wonders' is the third and final installment in the 'Dodo' series by E. F. Benson. The series was rumoured to be based on Lady Asquith, though she herself claimed that she had ...

Cover for Michael, Brother of Jerry

Michael, Brother of Jerry

Michael is a good natured Irish-terrier forced to be a slave hunter on a schooner in the Solomon Islands. His life changes forever when he is accidentally forgotten on a desert isl ...

Cover for City of Palms

City of Palms

Susan noticed him first on the plane from Paris to Baghdad – an aloof yet extremely handsome man who intrigued her greatly. However, when an emergency hit them, this man called Rao ...

Cover for Bladon's Rock

Bladon's Rock

Valentine had been drawn to Richard Sterne ever since that one dreamy summer they spent at Bladon’s Rock. Too bad that he has always only had eyes for the beautiful Roxanne, who le ...

Cover for Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow

When Penny was orphaned her aunt Heloise and her beautiful cousin Veronica became her family. Compared to Penny, Veronica had it all: beauty, social connections, and above all, the ...

Cover for Pathway of Roses

Pathway of Roses

Janie Dallas looked exactly like the singer Vanessa Brandt. When Vanessa asked her to impersonate her for a week, there is one thing that tempts her: the company of Vanessa’s close ...