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Cover for 'Ja pöh!' sanoi sotamies Ryhmy

'Ja pöh!' sanoi sotamies Ryhmy

Rihtolan aseman lähistöllä on vihollisen tykistön ammusvarasto, ja se pitäisi lennättää ilmaan. Herra eversti on saanut puheilleen miehen, joka on valmis tähän vaativaan sissitehtä ...

Cover for Sitruunaa silmissä

Sitruunaa silmissä

Kun Toivonen, Mäkinen, Vatanen ja Alen päästetään vauhtiin, voisi toivoa, että kyseessä olisi rallin pikataival. Suomalaistiimi kohkaa kuitenkin kansainvälisessä laivaprojektissa, ...

Cover for Tynnyröiset


Entisellä avioparilla Liisalla ja Danielilla ei ole juuri mitään yhteistä. On vain muistoja; kaunisteltuja tai katkeria. Sekä tietenkin kaksi maailman suloisinta lasta. Kun ydinp ...

Cover for Päivän pähkinöitä 2020 ja muita juttuja: Tarinoita ja juttuja elämänvarrelta

Päivän pähkinöitä 2020 ja muita juttuja: Tarinoita ja juttuja elämänvarrelta

Olen kirjoitellut ajankohtaisista aiheista ja vähän sivunnut historiaa. Niinhän se on, että tämä päivä on huomenna jo historiaa. Blogit on koottu vuoden 2020 ajalta kirjaksi, sillä ...

Cover for Kuolema Tuhannen nuolen lahdella: Tarina paluumuuttajan juurettomuudesta

Kuolema Tuhannen nuolen lahdella: Tarina paluumuuttajan juurettomuudesta

Tarina paluumuuttajan juurettomuudesta, alamäestä ja hänen kuolemaansa johtaneista tapahtumista.

Cover for The Sphinx Without a Secret

The Sphinx Without a Secret

'Please, speak softly, we might be overheard,'Two college friends run into each other in Paris and one tells the other of a mysterious woman he’s been seeing. She sets appointments ...

Cover for Tales of the Alhambra

Tales of the Alhambra

The famous Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, served as the major influence for this collection of essays and sketches by Washington Irving. Blending history, myth, and natural des ...

Cover for Sketches of Young Gentlemen

Sketches of Young Gentlemen

"Out-and-out young gentlemen may be divided into two classes – those who have something to do, and those who have nothing."In Sketches of Young Gentlemen Charles Dickens presents t ...

Cover for The Wreck of the Golden Mary

The Wreck of the Golden Mary

"Remember to the last, that while there is life there is hope."Onboard the ship The Golden Mary we meet a dignified woman in black, a man who wants to try his luck in the gold rush ...

Cover for The Mudfog Papers

The Mudfog Papers

"The total number of legs belonging to the manufacturing population of one great town in Yorkshire was, in round numbers, forty thousand, while the total number of chair and stool ...

Cover for The Recruit

The Recruit

"The Recruit" is a short story from Balzac’s "Philosophical studies", set during the horrors of the Reign of Terror. An aristocratic mother is desperately awaiting the return of he ...

Cover for The Belkin Tales

The Belkin Tales

The short story collection "The Belkin Tales" consists of five unrelated stories told by various narrators to a landowner who has recently died. Ivan Belkin, the landowner, was a s ...

Cover for The Undertaker

The Undertaker

"The Undertaker" is a supernatural gothic tale by Pushkin, which features Adrian Prokhorov, an undertaker, who comes to a new place. He is a very straight-forward man, and does not ...

Cover for Menschliche Spuren

Menschliche Spuren

Das Buch enthält Artikel des Autors von 2012-2020. Sie beschäftigen sich mit verschiedenen Themen, die den Menschen sowohl als Individuum als auch als soziales Wesen betreffen. Ein ...

Cover for Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin

A powerful and emotionally-tinged anti-slavery novel, "Uncle Tom’s Cabin" is teeming with memorable and richly drawn characters. A moving, provocative, and tearful narrative of ill ...

Cover for New Yorker Stories

New Yorker Stories

"New Yorker Stories" offers a colourful description of O.Henry’s favourite city, together with the emotional states of New Yorkers at the turn of the twentieth century. Some of O.H ...

Cover for The Model Millionaire

The Model Millionaire

"Romance is the privilege of the rich, not the profession of the unemployed."Hughie, a charming young man with no money, wants to marry a girl named Laura. But Laura’s father is co ...

Cover for Master Humphrey's Clock

Master Humphrey's Clock

"To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart."Master Humphrey is an old, crippled man living i ...

Cover for Sketches of Young Couples

Sketches of Young Couples

"The couple who dote upon their children have usually a great many of them (...) The children are either the healthiest in all the world, or the most unfortunate in existence. In e ...

Cover for The Seven Poor Travellers

The Seven Poor Travellers

"Strictly speaking, there were only six poor travellers; but, being a traveller myself, though an idle one, and being withal as poor as I hope to be, I brought the number up to sev ...

Cover for Sketches by Boz

Sketches by Boz

"Minerva House ... was ‘a finishing establishment for young ladies,’ where some twenty girls of the ages from thirteen to nineteen inclusive, acquired a smattering of everything an ...

Cover for Going into Society

Going into Society

"Society, taken in the lump, is all dwarfs (...) And when you’ve no more left to give, they’ll laugh at you to your face..."A man sets up a circus in a respectable neighbourhood an ...

Cover for The Kreutzer Sonata

The Kreutzer Sonata

"I wanted to run after him, but remembered that it is ridiculous to run after one's wife's lover in one's socks; and I did not wish to be ridiculous but terrible."A man travelling ...

Cover for A Landlord's Morning

A Landlord's Morning

'You always wished to appear original (...) but your originality is really nothing but excessive self-esteem.'Nineteen-year-old Nekhlyudov writes to his aunt that he has given up h ...

Cover for Two Hussars

Two Hussars

"He is a regular dare-devil, you know: a gambler, a duellist, a seducer, but a jewel of an hussar - a real jewel."A handsome young hussar rides through a small town, seduces a youn ...