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Cover for Oppinut


Kirjailija Ludwig Tieck (1773-1853) oli saksalaisen romantiikan keskeinen vaikuttaja, runoilija, kääntäjä, novellisti ja toimittaja. Novellinsa Oppinut Tieck julkaisi alun perin vu ...

Cover for Luo Guanzhongin Kertomus Kolmesta kuningaskunnasta: Osa 4/4, Valtakunnan yhdistäjät

Luo Guanzhongin Kertomus Kolmesta kuningaskunnasta: Osa 4/4, Valtakunnan yhdistäjät


Kolmen kuningaskunnan tarina lähestyy loppuaan. Vanhat hallitsijat ja ylimykset vähitellen kuolevat pois ja heidän tilallensa tulevat uudet miehet. Keillä tulee olemaan tarpeeksi t ...

Cover for Lasten juna

Lasten juna

Tositapahtumiin perustuva romaani Italian sotalapsista Seitsemänvuotias Amerigo asuu sodan raunioittamassa rutiköyhässä Napolissa äitinsä kanssa. Paikalliset kommunistit järjestävä ...

Cover for Itsensä vanki: Ihmissuhderomaani

Itsensä vanki: Ihmissuhderomaani

Itsensä vanki kertoo erilaisista ihmisistä jotka kamppailevat omien tunteidensa kanssa ja siitä mitä muut ajattelevat minusta. Helposti mietimme mitä muut ajattelevat voisinko tehd ...

Cover for The World Set Free

The World Set Free

‘The power to destroy, was continually increasing. There was no increase whatever in the ability to escape’. H.G. Wells creates a hauntingly prophetic narrative of the upcoming ato ...

Cover for Count Robert of Paris

Count Robert of Paris

‘Count Robert of Paris’ is Walter Scott’s penultimate novel from his celebrated ‘Waverley’ series. It is a historical novel set in Constantinople during the First Crusade. The stor ...

Cover for Anne of Geierstein

Anne of Geierstein

‘Anne of Geierstein’ is a gothic romance and adventure novel by Walter Scott. For this tale, Scott abandons his typical Scottish setting as the story follows two knights on a secre ...

Cover for St. Ronan's Well

St. Ronan's Well

‘St. Ronan’s Well’ is a tragicomic tale of two brothers in love with the same woman. Walter Scott’s trademark dramatic tension is palpable in this novel, but it is unique in the fa ...

Cover for The Monastery

The Monastery

‘The Monastery’ is a novel by Walter Scott that tells the story of the Monastery of Kennaquhair and its mysterious occupants and supernatural situations. The monastery is on the br ...

Cover for Rob Roy

Rob Roy

‘Rob Roy’ is one of Walter Scott’s most famous and acclaimed novels, telling the story of the legendary outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor and his thrilling adventures in the Scottish Highla ...

Cover for Waverley


‘Waverley’ is among Walter Scott’s first novels and one of the original Western historical novels. The sprawling story takes place during the Jacobite Rising from 1745 and follows ...

Cover for The Sinister Man

The Sinister Man

To the world Maurice Tarn is merely the magnate behind a successful shipping company, little does anyone know that all the real money is made off the books in shady backroom deals. ...

Cover for The Daffodil Mystery

The Daffodil Mystery

In ‘The Daffodil Mystery’, Lyne a womanising shop owner sets out to frame a former employee for embezzlement for spurning his crude advances. Before his contrived plan can come to ...

Cover for The Clue of the Twisted Candle

The Clue of the Twisted Candle

In this thriller, Wallace introduces us to John Lexman a formidable mystery writer who is lured in to a murder plot only to be betrayed and thrown in prison. Lexman’s intrepid Dete ...

Cover for Kate Plus Ten

Kate Plus Ten

Kate, an orphan with a brilliant mind, leads a massive underground criminal organisation. She pulls of daring heists using the insider knowledge she gleams from her position as a p ...

Cover for Double Dan

Double Dan

‘Double Dan’ is a globe-trotting detective caper which takes us from the streets of London to the sprawling heat of Australia. Someone has been masquerading as our protagonist to a ...

Cover for A King by Night

A King by Night

Another brilliant novel from the king of mystery ‘ A King by Night’ is a signature turn for famed British author Edgar Wallace. A series of murders has left Scotland Yard puzzled, ...

Cover for The Man-Eater

The Man-Eater

Love and greed, cowardice and heroism, rights and wrongs. This story set in the jungles of Africa has it all. You won't believe who turns out to be the hero of this suspenseful tal ...

Cover for Ruy Blas

Ruy Blas

The play "Ruy Blas" explores the life of an ordinary poet and servant, Ruy Blas, who has secretly fallen in love with the Queen of Spain. His master plots revenge against the unfit ...

Cover for Revolution and Other Essays

Revolution and Other Essays

Move over, Karl Marx, because the latest incarnation of Super Socialist – Hero of the Working Class, Jack London, is here to pick up the Red Torch of Revolution and smite the evils ...

Cover for Scorn of Women

Scorn of Women

A tale of literal and proverbial gold diggers.Not the incel manifesto you might expect, 'Scorn of Women' is one of Jack London's rare attempts at playwriting, being a three-act ada ...

Cover for The Head of the House of Coombe

The Head of the House of Coombe

Don’t you just hate it when your selfish, child-like mother, who’ve done nothing but ignore you your entire life, marries the most arrogant man in London, only to abandon you to th ...

Cover for The White People

The White People

"I see dead people". So said the little boy in the Hollywood Blockbuster ‘The Sixth Sense’, starring Bruce Willis. The little girl in Frances Burnett’s ‘The White People’ doesn’t p ...

Cover for The Dawn of a To-Morrow

The Dawn of a To-Morrow

Anthony Dart has decided to bid this cruel world farewell. There’s only one problem – he can’t seem to find his way to the place where he plans to take his own life. Lost in a dis ...

Cover for The Pretty Sister of José

The Pretty Sister of José

When their parents suddenly die, siblings José and Pepita are left in the care of their grandmother, already an old woman. Their uncle is a wealthy man, yet he only helps by giving ...